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Today, the spotlight is on Irish pop/rock band, The Enemies! Founding members Ronan McQuillan (lead vocals/guitar) and actor Colin O’Donoghue (vocals/guitar) started the band back in 2003, adding along members John Boy Berkley (bass), Johnny Crean (guitar), and Dazzy Oglesby (drums) along the way. In 2010, the guys finally buckled down and got serious about their music career, getting in the studio to record together! “You have to have a passion for music to pursue it as a career. Like any career really. Being surrounded by creative and talented people makes it an easy decision. There has to be a belief in what you do to continue through the bad times. And lots of sacrifice,” the band said of their career. That strong passion is definitely clear in their music!

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Inspired by the likes of The Beatles, the Rolling Stones, John Mayer, and Bob Dylan, just to name a few, The Enemies perfectly blends pop and rock for their awesome sound! The music scene in their home country of Ireland is thriving as well and serves as inspiration on the band’s road to success! “There are the big league guys like U2 and The Script who we all admire,” said Ronan, also naming Kodaline as a band to watch out for! “While we look up to these bands we tend to concentrate on our own sound that hopefully sets us apart from the rest,” he added.

Currently, The Enemies are signed to L.A. based agency A&R Worldwide, which is behind the success of artists like Adele, LMFAO, Muse, Coldplay, and more! Working to get global recognition, the band is finishing up their debut album Sounds Big on the Radio, which is sure to be a big success. “Hearing one of our songs, “Perfect Stranger,” on Irish national radio last year, and how big it sounded through FM stereo prompted the album title,” the band said on the inspiration behind the project. “That rush when it we heard it on radio mixed with the realization that potentially thousands of other people are hearing it at the same time in their car or their kitchen or wherever is very exciting. We decided that all the album tracks should have the same impact.”

The album is a combination of tracks that the band has been working on and playing live for the past two years along with new music! Though Colin isn’t currently a full fledged member of the band anymore (he can presently be seen as the bad boy Captain Hook on ABC’s Once Upon a Time!), he has contributed vocals and instruments on the album as well. A contemporary rock pop record, Sounds Big on the Radio will be released sometime next year. “We’re hoping to get a label to put it out, so shopping for potential labels begins soon as the masters are delivered to us,” Ronan said.

In addition to finishing up the album, The Enemies are always composing music for major brands like Chevy and ESPN. In fact, they just finished Playstation 4’s launch music, and have also composed for advertisements for Durex! Their song "Sustain" was featured on Direct TV's 3D surfing documentary series Gone Until December in the U.S. and they've also co-written and recorded the theme tune for the 2012 animated global TV show Max Adventures. They've also recorded the music for major ice-cream brand Cornetto’s new global ad which was inspired by their own song “Dark Light”.In the future, the band hopes to be recording music for years to come, becoming a timeless band that people will love, and touring places around the world! With their talent and ambition, the future is very bright for this group!

You can learn more about The Enemies on their official website, as well as connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Tumblr. They love to connect with their fans, so definitely hit them up! And be on the lookout for Sounds Big on the Radio when it hits--I’ll be rocking out to it for sure!

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